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Shopcast is a video and commerce platform that enables you to shop and discover a collection of amazing products and brands through live video recommendation by our community of awesome shopcasters.

We created this platform because we believe that human interaction with sellers enriches the shopping experience, and video is the most powerful medium for communicating a product’s value.

Shopcasters host themed shows throughout the day engaging viewers, highlighting products in different categories, and providing shoppers with useful information in an entertaining format.

We are more than just selling with live video. We are changing the way the world shops by re-imaging shopping, entertainment and social as one.

We have created a community of product loving enthusiasts that create content around products they love.

We've set out to make shopping more engaging, more transparent, more efficient and at the same time, a little more fun

We're all in it together: We share a sense of community with our patners and shopcasters, ad we're striving to create a platform that reflects that.

We aspire to work collaboratively with our retail partners, not competitively.

Shopping should be simple and fun.

Work transparently. Play fairly. Trusts explicitly.

Why do people shopcast?

It is fun! ShopCast represents a community of product loving enthusiasts that create content around products they love. Product categories include, beauty, electronics, home goods, apparel and accessories. Many shopcasters are making a living on shopcast solely based on their products recommendations.

Why are people watching others shopcast?

A picture can say a thousand words, a video, however, can .. Just as it can be seen with the success of QVC & other home video shopping channels. People love the experience of shopping through live video, not only is it more engaging, it offers way more detail into a product than a static image.

How do I start a shopcast?

Currently you need to be invited, otherwise drop us a line at

Who should I contact with questions for feedback?

Please send any additional inquiries to or tweet at us here


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